About Us

Kloes Kock and Partners Lawyers Kloes Kock & Partners is a full-service law firm in Aruba that helps clients navigate their challenges by providing customized legal assistance.

Our focus is to listen to our clients and work diligently and efficiently to help our clients achieve their goal. We ensure this by working closely with them in order to understand their objectives and consequently accommodate their needs.

Our attorneys have the experience and the skills to identify complicated legal issues while also having the ability to focus on what matters most to our clients.

At Kloes Kock & Partners we strive to provide high-quality work and exceptional service to our clients. Our clients are both international and local and consist amongst others of financial institutions, real estate construction and development companies, insurance companies, hotels and casinos and retailers and wholesalers. We also frequently advise government and public sector.

Kloes Kock & Partners is located in Aruba, but also assists clients whose business / interests extend to Curacao, St. Maarten and the BES-Islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba).

Our team is innovative, responsive, efficient and multilingual.

Kloes Kock & Partners is your legal partner in Aruba.